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The pregnancy diaries: Part Three

Peri- what? Yesterday I lay on a bed in Nervous Midwife’s office while she demonstrated to Señor B how to massage my perinea. This involved my legs being up in stirrups while she aggressively fingered me, and Señor B politely watched. Weird? Yes. Uncomfortable? Strangely no. There’s a matter-of-fact approach to the body in Spain […]

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The Pregnancy Diaries: Part Two

PREGNANCY: WEEKS FOURTEEN TO TWENTY-FOUR I’m a feminist but… I’m a feminist but (#theguiltyfeminist) I’m quite enjoying the fact that people (mostly men) want to lift, move, get and do stuff for me because I’m pregnant. And even though I’m perfectly capable of lifting, moving, getting and doing, I’m accepting all offers because I believe […]

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The Pregnancy Diaries: Part One

EXPECTATIONS V REALITY I was going to be a sensual Earth mother who only put wholesome organic things into my body. My hair was going to be radiant and my skin was going to glow. I was going to be the best version of myself. The reality has been that I more closely resemble a […]

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