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Fanny Pack’s Comment Policy is not designed to restrict our readers from having the freedom to comment on our content, but instead to keep our site and social media safe and harassment-free places for discussion.

We welcome and encourage comments on any and all of Fanny Pack’s content; however, all comments will be subject to moderation, including deletion if deemed a breach in our policy guidelines. We reserve the right to make editorial decisions regarding submitted comments on our articles and social media. This is not a violation of your freedom of speech. You can take your anger elsewhere if you really need to express it in a public forum.

We also encourage our readers and commenters to flag/report any comments that violate our guidelines to us for moderation. However, please do not abuse this responsibility. Reporting someone just for disagreeing with you alone is not a good enough reason. Please also think twice before actively engaging with someone who is clearly a troll or deliberately hate-mongering. Simply flag or report their comment(s) instead and we will deal with it.

Guidelines For Comments

  • Please try and keep your comments constructive and civil. While we encourage debate and criticism, if you disagree with our content or with another commenter then keep this in mind when writing your response: Would you say this to someone’s face? We welcome passion and outrage, but not baseless anger.
  • The moderator’s decision is final.

Our feminist and intersectional values mean that the following positions and arguments are not welcome on our site or social media:

  • Arguments that disability issues, race issues, LGBTQ+ issues, and age issues are not also feminist issues.
  • Trans-eliminationist radical feminist (TERF) viewpoints.
  • Health or body policing, such as fat-shaming, fatphobia, sizeism and healthism.
  • Offensive or derogatory language to feminsts such as “feminazi.” 

Here are possible reasons why your comment(s) will be edited/ deleted:

  • Your comment(s) is determined to be spam or questionable spam. For example, it contains links that lead to irrelevant content or affiliate websites, or self-promotional material. Links that are relevant to the post will be permitted.
  • Your comment(s) includes derogatory language, or language that could be deemed offensive or hate speech.
  • Your comment(s) is deemed to be sexually harassing.
  • Your comment(s) is targeted at one of our writers/admins in a manner that is deemed offensive or a personal attack. Fanny Pack is a platform for writers to get their voices heard. If you disagree with an article we’ve published then your feedback is welcome, but please do not take this as an excuse to personally attack the writer.


If you have any queries or feedback regarding our Comments Policy, then please let us know by emailing us at