Pippa’s Nut Spreads With No Palm Oil

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Pip & Nut was launched by Pip Murray when she spotted a gap in the market for a nutritional nut butter with a contemporary feel and a conscience for the environment. She is on a mission to change the perception that health food has to be bland or boring. The fun and unique branding stands out from its supermarket competitors and has seen Pip & Nut at the forefront of the organic spread market.

Most nut butters on the market contain unnecessary ingredients such as refined sugars and palm oil. Having read about the environmental impact farming palm oil has (deforestation, pushing species to extinction), it’s easy to understand why it’s a good idea to ditch it from as many products as we can. Palm oil is a stabiliser that solidifies the product, it does nothing for the flavour of the product – it’s simply an aesthetic thing.

Environmentally conscious brands get a big tick in our book, so it was a good start from the offset!

Crunchy Maple Peanut Butter

Peanut Butter Pip & Nut

Zoe –

My first impression of this was how eye-catching the packaging is. It’s something that would definitely grab my attention in a supermarket not only because of its fun style but its unique pairings of flavours such as crunchy maple and peanut butter.

The biggest difference I noticed to regular supermarket, home-brand peanut butters was that the consistency was much runnier. The jar suggests you give it a stir once you open it which definitely thickens the product, however even after a good stir it’s a lot less solid than what the typical consumer will be used to. I must say this made it nice and easy to spread on toast and didn’t deter my overall positive opinion on this product. I also noted that the flavour was less buttery than usual – it was a nice change as it wasn’t as thick and dense as the regular products we are likely to have stocked in our cupboards.

On the Pip & Nut blog they have come up with some genius recipes which they have now launched in their new recipe book available in Waterstone. Prior to this trial I wasn’t aware of the variety of recipes you could add peanut butter to: banana bread, protein balls, cakes, smoothies and the list goes on!

Over the week I have tried it with banana as a healthy midday snack and in a smoothie (one of my favourites: bananas, blueberries, coconut water and peanut butter).

Overall I was impressed with this product, it mixed well in the smoothie and gave my snacks a flavoursome kick they needed.

 Almond butter

Almond Butter Pip & Nut

Zoe –

I was excited to try the crunchy almond butter flavour, as it’s not something I’ve seen on the shelves before and I always like to be experimental with new foods like this.

When I first received the product, I gave it a whirl on bread with some tomato soup. My first impression was positive, I noted that the flavour was more intense when compared to a peanut butter and much like the other product its consistency was lighter and less dense.

Throughout the week I tested this product in a number of different ways such as on top of breakfast cereal or porridge, on fruit, with greek yoghurt and a dollop of almond butter on toast.

At some point during the week I must admit that the flavour lost its appeal to me. I wasn’t sure whether this was because the peanut butter was so punchy that alternating back to the almond butter made it less exciting.

I have a very sweet tooth so I found that this product lacked the sugariness I crave, though I guess that less sugary can be a positive thing for some people.

Overall it was a handy addition as a topping to breakfasts; however as a core flavour to rely upon on toast it was a thumbs down from me.

Honey Almond Butter

Honey almond butter Pip & Nut

Rebecca –

As Zoe says there are many innovative recipes to try with these nut butters, however for me nothing quite beats sticking a teaspoon or finger directly into the pot and just enjoying it alone with no fuss. The quality of the flavour and the consistency allowed the product to be enjoyed in this way. Note: I do not feel tempted to do this with a standard peanut butter pot from your local supermarket.

The honey almond butter was a great combination that worked so well that it was regularly becoming my afternoon snack, ready to top up my energy levels to steam through the amount of work mounting on my desk. This was a refreshing change from a cheap chocolate biscuit, or a bread stick which is my usual pathetic choice of snacks for the afternoon.

This particular flavour was quite salty after a few good dollops of it, so if you are not a fan of salt then use sparingly.

Initially, the runny consistency of the spread put me off, however I quickly realised all the advantages this brought with it, especially as it was so smooth and easy to work with as a snack.

After a few weeks with Pip & Nut spreads I can safely say that I will never go back to the standard brands I would typically buy at the stores, as I would now taste the difference.

The Woman Behind It All

Pip Murray, 28, is the founder of this award-winning nut butter brand. She came up with the concept for the brand in 2013 while eating lots of peanut butter to support her marathon training. She noticed that most of the products on the supermarket shelves were packed full of palm oil & added sugars, she realised at this point that there was a gap in the traditional spread market. A gap which she could fill by a natural nut butter brand that appealed to a younger demographic.

Taking matters into her own hands, Pip began experimenting with ingredients and flavours from her own kitchen and did some initial market testing at Maltby St Market in Bermondsey. Realising there was a real demand for her products, Pip entered her business plan into a competition titled ‘Escape to the Shed’, run by Escape the City, a company whose mission is to help talented individuals leave their corporate day jobs and start their own business.

So she left her day job as a producer at the science museum and spent 3 months living, working and launching her business from a shed in Central London – saving on expenses which are associated with living in London so she could concentrate on her business goals.

Following a successful crowd-funding campaign, Pip & Nut landed on the shelves of Selfridges in January 2015. Since then, the brand has gone from strength to strength, turning over more than £3m in its first full year of trading. Pip & Nut is now stocked in over 3000 stores in the UK and Ireland, including Sainsbury’s, Ocado, Holland & Barrett and Whole Foods.

Pip & Nut was voted in at no.22 in the prestigious Startups 100 2017. Pip has notably won a number of industry awards, most recently including the Artemis Award at the NatWest Every Woman awards, Young Achiever of the Year and the Women in Business Award at Startups just to name a few.

Where to buy…

3 Jar Sample Pack £10.00 (for Fanny Pack subscribers 20% discount)

1KG Coconut Almond Butter £16.49 (for Fanny pack subscribers 20% discount)

In store: Sainsburys, Holland and Barrett, Selfridges & Co, Ocado, Whole Foods Market etc.

Written by Zoe llife & Rebecca Gache-Ford

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