Claire’s Aurelia BioOrganic Skincare Range

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If you are looking for a skincare brand that is focused on luxury, combined with nature, formulated by scientists to give you confidence in what you are using, Aurelia Skincare is a product certainly worth giving a try. It is clear that science is at the heart of this brand and the use of the probiotic technology is proven to deliver results that the modern woman now demands from her skincare; so much so that the results are published on the website.

If like us at Fanny Pack you are growing a conscience for the environment and are becoming increasingly aware of the harmful ingredients in not only the food we eat, but also in everyday products, Aurelia Skincare will open your eyes to the list of ingredients that shouldn’t be in your skincare products. It is surprising and almost unbelievable how many brands contain these.

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The Products

Rebecca & Zoe tested a handful of the products from the Aurelia Skincare range:

Aurelia skincare



Cleansing is an essential part of my beauty routine. I always cleanse after taking my makeup off after a long day, to rid of the impurities lingering that makeup remover just can’t get to. My usual cleanser is in the form of a sensitive liquid cleanser, Nspa. I had never tried a cream cleanser so was intrigued to see how this would differ. The first thing I noticed was that the consistency had much more of a moisturising feeling. With bio-organic ingredients this product feels light and smells almost like you’re walking into the heart of a luxury spa. The Eucalyptus gives it a fresh scent without being too overpowering and the chamomile soothes the skin.

I applied the cleanser on my hand and dabbed around my forehead, chin, and cheeks and buffed into my face. I then removed with a cotton pad which I carefully added a small amount of water to (it says to use a muslin cloth so I improvised). It removed all the impurities just like my usual cleanser would, however this product is unique because it doesn’t feel as harsh as a liquid cleanser. Soft on the skin, I found the Miracle Cleanser to clean my skin as well as leaving it refreshed and moisturised. Over the duration of the week testing this product I found my skin to feel a lot softer and would definitely recommend this as a go-to cleanser if you are looking for a kind to skin alternative.


After a long day at work there is no better feeling than wiping away your makeup and removing all the dirt/oil which built up during the day. This has got to be my favourite and most important step in my skincare routine. The Miracle Cleanser stood out for me due to the way it felt on the skin in application. It was incredibly soft and enjoyable to apply on the skin, it just glided across my cheeks. It strikes the perfect balance of being effective of removing your makeup and impurities, however doing it in a very kind and gentle way. My skin usually feels dry after using Nivea cleanser, however this did not feel dry after – it felt nourished. At first I didn’t think the smell was particularly great against other products I have tried in the past. However it definitely grew on me after a week or so. It is not like a Linda Meredith product where the focus seems to be so much on the scent in order to make it feel luxurious. I noticed after 2 weeks of using the product that the frustrating blackheads I have all over my nose reduced in size and looked less in numbers.

I applied the product generously and really took the time to massage it into my face as it suggested (this was also relaxing and a great de-stress activity). I dampened a flannel and wiped it off with warm water. After just 2 weeks of using this cleanser I noticed a clear difference in the glow, look and feel of my skin. A truly beautiful product.

£38.00 – Fanny Pack subscribers: £34.20


serum aurelia skincareZoe:

I don’t currently use a serum in my routine so it was a completely new experience and product for me. The serum has a liquid consistency and the application is simple – it instructed just a few drops but I ended up using 2 more than suggested to get full coverage of my face, neck and décolleté. I applied this twice a day during the trial period, both with and without the moisturiser and cleanser. It didn’t seem to make much difference where in my routine I added it, however I would recommend without makeup to feel the full effect.

This product smells quite fresh and I found that after application my face felt particularly plump and refreshed. It’s almost like a boost for your skin, as if tightening it or secretly fixing it. Overall it was a handy addition to my skincare routine, it certainly revitalised my skin and I liked the way my skin felt nourished. I could definitely see myself adding a serum to my beauty routine after trying this product!


I have used several serums before trialling Aurelia Skincare, however I never saw results good enough to justify the usual price tag which they come with. The instructions said to use 2 drops, however my skin soaked it up quickly and seemed thirsty for it so I added another 2 drops on my hand. The smell was not the highlight of this product, I thought it was ok but not my favourite. Interestingly my partner (oblivious to a change in my skincare routine) made a comment on the fact he disliked the smell on my face when I got to bed and kissed him goodnight.

Regardless of the smell, what we women care about is results, this is why we invest in skincare products right? And the simple fact is that this serum was the first I have tried where I could see a change in my skin for the better after just a few weeks of use.

Price: £57.00 – Fanny Pack subscribers: £51.30



This was a hit and miss product for me. I was intrigued by this product because I’ve always been an aerosol deodorant kind of girl and a cream deodorant is quite unusual. The one thing I noticed was its strong refreshing peppermint aroma. I described the consistency to my friend as a ‘mix between lip balm and moisturiser.’ The consistency of the cream-to-powder formulation sometimes changes in hot climates.

The first day I applied this I decided to brave it and use it on its own, I wanted to test its ability to work independently as a deodorant. That day, I was running errands around the city which involved a lot of walking and meetings – all during a fairly hot summer’s day. After a few hours I felt myself sweating and had to run to a bathroom to reapply the product. I wondered if this could have been perhaps because I didn’t apply enough product, or because I was particularly busy that day. Subsequent to this I applied more product and found it held for longer, however still not long enough to last a whole day. I wouldn’t say I was completely satisfied with it being a deodorant and replacing my own trusty spray.


A cream deodorant… a totally new concept for me and a chance to stray into unknown territory. Exactly like Zoe, I have always been an aerosol consumer. The best way to describe the experience for me: serious confidence at the office! I could smell the fresh peppermint even at the end of the day which is a first for me. My partner who I work with in our office even commented that it smelt nice after an 8-hour day – keeping in mind that I did apply the cream very generously. However, when I used prior to a horse riding lesson within which I have to work physically very hard, the fresh smell didn’t last until the end of the hour lesson.

A point certainly worth sharing is that I often get small lumps under my arms which I have had identified as irritated pores under the arms. They can become very sore and uncomfortable. Interestingly, this cream deodorant reduced this inflammation, I had no lumps. The fact that this deodorant doesn’t contain aluminium may have something to do with it! I had no idea our typical deodorants contain aluminium to reduce the amount we sweat. There is conflicting research about the effects of aluminium on health, however there is some research that says this metal can cause ‘gene instability’ in breast tissue. Darbre says, ‘Over 50% of breast cancers start in the upper outer quadrant of the breast local to the underarm region.’

Price: £18.00 – Fanny Pack subscribers: £16.20


day moisturiser Aurelia skincareZoe:

I was impressed with how well this product worked. The light consistency of this moisturiser doesn’t mask the skin like many other moisturisers I’ve tried in the past, nor is it greasy. You could easily apply this product before your makeup in the morning and still avoid makeup slips, which often puts people off moisturising in a rush. I found it was absorbed by my skin very easily and quickly, so it was perfect for a quick morning routine. I didn’t find much difference in the appearance of my 23-year-old skin; however I did feel that over the weeks it definitely felt more hydrated and smooth. The smell was unique but not overpowering, more of a light floral scent, quite unlike what you’d pick up on the high street. Overall I was really happy with this product and would certainly recommend it to friends. What was great about it was its consistency and ability to adapt to my skin quicker than any other moisturiser.


My first piece of advice is use it sparingly. On my first application I used way too much and my eyebrow pencil was sliding off my face, and I also felt like my makeup was sliding off my face during the day. However, on my following attempts I had an improved experience by using it in a much more sensible quantity. The fact is that it is such great quality that you don’t need as much as when you use other moisturisers.

The first thing that I noticed was that my skin felt light and very supple, with no tightness in any sense. The second was the ease of the application of my foundation after putting it on. With other moisturisers like Simple I have found my foundation sticks and doesn’t apply very well. This made a real difference in that sense.

Price: £52.00 – Fanny Pack subscribers: £46.80

The Woman Behind It All

Aurelia skincare founder Claire
Claire Vero

Claire used to work for one of the world’s largest global pharmaceutical companies GlaxoSmithKline, as a Director in their Global Dermatology Centre. She was on the team that launched the first vaccine against cervical cancer! Realising that there was a gap in the market for skincare with a good ingredients policy and ready to take all her knowledge and passion for dermatology, she founded Aurelia Skincare in 2013. Claire was one of the first to innovate utilising these natural ingredients in skincare and the product range’s innovative science still remains unique in this saturated market. Aurelia Skincare continues to lead the probiotic revolution and has won over 70 awards since 2013, including Elle’s best cleansing balm, Best Natural skincare brand and Editor’s choice award from The Beauty Shortlist.

The most rewarding part of Claire’s job is to get feedback from customers telling her how using the Aurelia Skincare products has made them more aware of the ingredients they use and how the probiotic technology has transformed their skin. Now with a strong team of 10 women behind Claire to promote and innovate the brand, it seems like this is only the beginning for this hardworking mum.

Boasting an Instagram following of over 17,000 it’s easy to see why Aurelia Skincare is making the headlines with some of the top influencers in the industry.

‘I wanted to create beautiful skincare that surpassed the highest expectations of modern women. I chose to put revolutionary probiotic science at the heart of the range. Combined with ethical, sustainably sourced BioOrganic ingredients to make all women’s skin glow.’ – Claire Vero, Founder of Aurelia Skincare


Overall we were both thoroughly impressed with Aurelia Skincare range. It was important to us that products we review are environmentally friendly and cruelty-free (not tested on animals) which is becoming more and more appealing to consumers.

We initially thought that the skincare products were simply unaffordable for our age range (20-30), based on the results, associated ethical levels and scientific-based range, we would definitely consider spending more money to obtain such great products that we know our skin will appreciate and reward us for later in life.

Claire’s no compromise ‘free from’ ingredients list is something we are really passionate about and we hope our readers will come to be or will at least grow an awareness to. The free from list in Aurelia Skincare includes: no synthetic fragrances, parabens, mineral oils, silicones, sulphates, propylene glycol, phthalates, GMO, PEGs, TEA, DEA and certainly no animal testing. We cannot go into the detail of each and every ingredient on this article review, but we encourage you to do your own research. Below is an extract from Claire’s site on Parabens:

‘Many studies that set out to test the safety of parabens have been widely debated by experts with both sides putting forward compelling arguments for and against their continued use. Those against parabens are concerned that the increased rate of breast cancer diagnoses could be linked to parabens. This is due to the fact that some scientists believe that parabens have a weak ability to mimic estrogen and therefore have been found in breast cancer tumour biopsies.’

Written by Zoe llife & Rebecca Gache-Ford

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